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On - включен 16.06.22 г., 15:30 ч.

Hi, I'm checking in after a month of using SGC on WiFi only. It only dropped out of the network once and reappeared on its own after 3 hours. Once again SGC has gained my trust.

Using LAN is not possible even with a plugged in WiFi dongle. The SGC disappears from the LAN (not as often as without the dongle) and only a reboot helps. The fixed IP address setting for the LAN is buggy or it is fighting with the WiFi dongle. But what is the worst: SGC sends direct WiFi in the default SSiD: "SmartGrowController" (you probably don't want the grow room to broadcast this WiFi name around, programmers should think twice), well it can be changed manually, unfortunately when the LAN is plugged in SGC will set the default SSiD again by itself once in a while. That's why I also pulled the dongle after 2 months. Really better make a WiFi AP with your SSiD in the grow room and connect the SGC only over WiFi for now.

So far everything works perfectly, I wish it would stay that way. I don't want to overpraise you too much, there are still many bugs, but for me you have the best product on the market, please persevere further in removing bugs and releasing stable updates.

Evgeni Velikov
On - включен 10.05.22 г., 9:59 ч.


We have a script which execute every 10 minute and if is not have any WIFI network will restart the network service. So for that please return back the WIFI doungle and continue to use it with LAN. It should fix that issue.

Alain Gressly
On - включен 10.05.22 г., 9:56 ч.


We have no experiance to work on the LAN-cable. Our programmers said it was not designed to work on the cable. They suggest to return the WI-FI. Me personally was not so excited to hear this, I'm not so smart on computers but I expect to work the same way or even better on the cable.
This is for sure an issue I want them to lock into as soon I have free capacity.

I apologies to not have a better answer


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