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On - включен 15.05.22 г., 14:24 ч.

Hey Alaine, thanks for your reply, and sorry for responding so late. I had to deal with a nasty covid infection. Ideally I’d need two modules. Lets start with the more important one for my application. Lets call it the flapper module:

Imagine having two different air inlets (with different temperatures) connected via a bypass flapper that can be controller continuously via 0-10v. So 0v is inlet A only, 10v ist inlet B only and 5v is a 50/50 mix of A+B (and therefore temperatures).

Now id need to assign a temperature sensor to each of the inlets within the new module. And then a temperature setpoint.

Say its 10 degree on inlet A and 30 degree on inlet B. If i set my setpoint to 20 degree, id get a 5v output. Set it to 10 degree and id get 0v output. Set it to 30 degree, i get 10v. Set it to 15 degree, i get 2.5v output and so on. Everything below 10 degree is 0v. Everything above 30 degree is 10v.

In case inlet A is hotter than inlet B, everything is reversed.

The second module would be a „simple“ thermostat featuring 0-10v outputs. I did attach a diagram from another company (S+S RTR-S room temperature controller).

Basically it can run in either cooling, heating or automatic mode. It features a setpoint with K-factor and a neutral zone (with dedicated setpoint and K factor in auto mode) and has separate 0-10v outputs for cooling and heating. I hope the diagram is clear enough. Otherwise please feel free to contact me anytime.


ps: i dont know how to insert an image on here. So here is a link:


Alain Gressly
On - включен 11.04.22 г., 5:08 ч.


Our 0-10V exit has 50mA signal power.

I may don't understand your question correctly. You want to open  a flap\valve depending on the temperature?

Send a signal depending the measured temperature. Range = 20-24C
20C = full open 10V
22C = 50% half open 5V
24C = closed 0V

On - включен 10.04.22 г., 15:42 ч.

I hope your greather strength is patience ! I wait for a more flexible controlling fan function for almost 1 year now. I deal with another manufacturer yet...

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