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lupus leps
On 2/7/22, 4:07 PM

-First sorry for my English!!

Am agree with Ivanovich , NOW I will say what I think about SGC am tired to shut up and say ok to all problem::

Right now I use SGC just like very basic control..... not as 1650  as I spend ... 

-SGC Fan Control is bullshit I already broke 2 AC Fan first Can Fan Max 315 (buy used for 250 € ) and just after 48 days I broke a brand new blauberg iso B 315 (motor broke)  (buy new for 320 € I was lucky idroponica shop change me for a new one after 2 months... is all about to wait.. anyway now I don't use it because I scare and I have a very big ac fan witch is to loud so I need to buy a original blauberg variable speed...

-Sensor are not precise.... am very tired to look for a solutions.. as put a wifi temp from amazon to be sure everything are right... and control room by fake temps.... also PH and EC are bad is better if you put a option to buy a better probe because is far from be precise... 

-Co2 i will no toke about because am very upset spend over 500  just for it and is off

-light controller also!!  buying chain cable from lumatek 120€  plus 69 €  and not work... so now I just use light with original lumatek controller..

I never be able with apple to connect with wifi NEVER so finally I decide to try with ethernet cable and works so I leave there and I never resolve wifi issue...

am quite upset to have all this issues I just want think in other thinks.. and not get crazy to resolve thinks in SGC...and always wait and wait... I really cannot trust SGC , I just see many bullshit and you guys cannot play with people money ... I was trust sgc because all good advertised... but seems this product is very very far to be ready...
let's put a good PROGRAMERS TEAM A SOON AS POSSIBLE (not in few months plants not wait few months)and resolve all the issue because you already sell your product and I pay for it... otherwise yes you need too refund us... 


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Some point i agree, but for this CAN-FAN you have a big sticker on the fan-packing "DO NOT USE WITH PHASE CONTROLLER"!!!!

This is a Fan problem and not a SGC problem. CAN-FAN have develop a special fan controller for this. https://canfilters.nl/en/controllers/satellite.

-Sensor are not precise.... I agree and we know the problem I have told until Summer we have new housing. (If you manage to remove the aluminum cover it will work much better) And we have made some offset calibration >Rooms > Sensors > List of sensors. Maybe this can help if you have a reference sensor.

CO2 can-only measure. Is not supported in 1.2.0 and the Beta version is for testing purpose. Also here we are working behind in this days.

I don't know Lumatek, today we have tested SANLight before we have tested dimmable ballast. The signal is 0-10V (make sure the jumper is set correctly) if the signal is 50% you should measure 5V on the terminal.... Do you have them? 100% you should have 10V (9.8V on our, can be improved)

Yep this WIFI to many users are struggling... and me to from time to time. Also here we are working on a totally new device. Currently we have a Raspberry-PI 3b and this connect within 10sec...

My SGC works with WIFI also the demo version from the website, I don't have this problems. The problem I see often is that the User need to be little bit more patience with this small computers. O.K I hope the new one will solve this issues it looks good for now what I have seen.

I apologize for all the inconveniences, our budget as man power is limited but the guys are doing them best to solve this issues.


G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Alain Gressly on 2/7/22, 5:22 PM

Agee on every word, I am not alone - this is good. I think we are on same page Brother, could you hit me an email at goodini333@gmail.com(or @fckpl at telegram) - maybe you can help me to set up room using this SGC box without throwing it away?) I am same scale and same setup I guess.

Can-Fan - #1 fan manufacturer in USA, sure it is their motor problem - not really, I've been using step controllers previously, but for 315W fan it always was overheating and needed separate cooling fan, that is why I got SGC.

Maybe I haven't built a smart controller box Alain, but I've built 4 greenhouses in Jamaica for Canopy Growth and being a proud master grower, built dozen full scale 6-15 lights growrooms with full climate control(Ukrainian version of SGC but we were using assembler and basic hardware coding bypassing UI & OS like Arduino). And trust me, I've been calling Growtronix, Bluelab, Titan, you name them when I had issues with their equipment and all of those were resolved in timely manner, like pump calibration for nutes dozing and interfering RF signals etc.

I do not agree though about position of yours. All people are different. Unfortunately, without step transformer I am stuck and have to only monitor room with your equipment and regulate(control) it like I did before with DIY reliable devices. Sad, false advertising. I will check can-fan box for sticker "DO NOT USE WITH PHASE CONTROLLERS" and report, have it in basement.

I am using 1.2.1 BETA and there is CO2 control there - I can configure it but how do I disable one of the settings(there are a lot that I don't need since my room is sealed).

Ivanovich on 2/8/22, 9:45 AM

Hi Alain we grow we are not engineer or informatics... SGC come with 0 instruction only few videos on youtube is a unic machine and so need a Manual user otherwise how you can control with out text here on forum hundreds time? I have no time always to come here and ask ask .... maybe with Can fan was my fault .. but with blauberg not blauberg say 1-240v phase control.... anyway now I just scared and not use it...

I still not able to download 1.2.1 beta so am still at 1.2.0 and no co2 function...

is not about the light or the voltage is about a problem in the system...pleas try on you SGC :

light controller - on time 20 off time 9 with 1 hour sunrise and 1 hour sunset and you will see between sunrise and sunset controller is at 0 v so light off ..

people cannot wait for research ... you need to specify on your website SGC still in process to be as you advertise ...

Ok totally new device for sure is the solution... and all of us? who buy the actual version of SGC? we need to throw or what?

lupus leps on 2/9/22, 8:25 AM

Hi Ivanovich yes we can meet online and do some tests!!! I text you!

lupus leps on 2/9/22, 8:26 AM

On 2/2/22, 12:46 PM

Have you guys EVER tested your SGC in real conditions? You are rolling out updates without even checking things.

1. Sensors calibration - DOES NOT WORK! SAME AS IT WAS BEFORE! HELLO Alain! I am tired of your passive input and rude answers. Check it - then say it was fixed.

2. NO INTERNET CONNECTION - I can give you team viewer access and you run it - I will pay you 100 USD! Buggy cheap kid computer inside that can't even do simple wi-fi connection. 

3. NO REAL SPEED CONTROLLER - the 2nd reason I've purchased SGC was intake\exhaust fans control possibility which is fake and all you do it change voltage that makes motor overheat and make terrible noise. maybe good for EC motors, but 99% of fans we use in business are regular and don't even have 0-10V control cable and controlled via speed controllers with transformers inside to make proper sine wave. 

4. ZERO SUPPORT! 4 messages within 2 weeks period - something else! Zero liability. Evgeniy is trying his best but hiding answers and I guess he is alone there left o fix everything. 

If you can't fix all of those CRITICAL ISSUES - you MUST REFUND everyone who isn't happy with the box.

5. Why do you have 2.19.X.X firmware while recorded tutorials and giving us 1.2X crappy old one? 

6. Do you understand that we have paid money and we WANT TO GET WHAT WAS PROMISED AS ADVERTISED?!

If you'd treat SGC like your government does to your country - it will die within few months without even being recognised. You MUST be super proactive and nice trying to fix issues and not telling we talk too much, that one is for you Alain(I wish to see you in person one day and show you how professional I am in growing and you should be thankful that I have purchased your unit and giving so much input for your lazy slow team).

I expect to get full answer for each topic pls. 

Because of you I have to order Growtronix set up since your SGC does not operate as advertised. 

Good luck!

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CO2 function are available now and will be, but is not well tested. And for that we remove it from LTS version.

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Evgeni Velikov on 2/3/22, 5:32 AM

No not personally only in the laboratory. We can't do this here but I have some growers helping us.

1: Did you manage to install the current version 1.2.0.? According to us the sensor calibration is working. (I say it for the third time, don't border me again if you haven't made this! this is a direct answer in our mentality not rude.)

2: Agree... contact me directly by email to make an appointment. I don't want money,

3. make proper sine wave. This is not a Frequency controller this is a phase controller.


it cuts the sign wave 100x per second. The humming is depending on the fan. Almost all clime controller work with this technology which are sold in our marked (cheap ones). The solution would be EC fan or a frequency controller connected to a 0-10 output. Or a step transformer. But they are way more expensive....

4. Yes Evgeni has the most experience... he has one programmer learning. Until now, no master has fallen from the sky....

5. A question of man power and money. The tutorials may show an older version but they still up to date.

6. I have to defend our programmers, they doing them best but they aren't wizards. Evgeni is training a junior programmer and take care SGC 30h per week. we are slow o.k. lazy no.

You can meet me on following shows. canapamundi.com, cannatrade.ch on appointment, I have no booth.


G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Alain Gressly on 2/7/22, 6:18 PM

Alain Gressly
On 2/3/22, 8:36 AM


This betta version is for testing, mainly we can download to our controllers and test them as our test people we have. At this point I may recommend to use the current version 1.2.0 . We are glad for your/users input's. We expect to work and fix behind this for about next 2months time.

The variable AC fan exit are based on phase control. The humming mostly depending on the fan. The phase control is the same as we have in our fan-controllers. This was optimized for the Systemair RVK series. 

Please forget the CO2 controller function and also the 3-channel light controller we preparing this for the Adjust-A-Wings Helion series. 3channel is for red white and blue color mixing.

Personally I have not tested the new beta version. I was working with the 1.2.0 and there the WI-FI connection works fine (slow to configure and connect). I had a seminar and have install to 3German shops last week without any problem.

We are currently setting up two CO2 tent 1.2 x 2.4m for testing the CO2 function. For 1.2.0 is no CO2 function available. We will also test this issue with the power failure and not returning to the same condition as before. It seams as this happens only occasionally we have to find out more about this now. 

Covid is making everything more expensive by us. The next batch SGC will rise in price. Unfortunately in the electronic industry we have to count with over 10% material rising. 

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what do you mean forget CO2 control function? I am running my rooms with CO2 - why have I bought GSC if it can't control CO2? Are you serious? You have CO2 tanks icons etc, and it claimed everywhere. Now what? I have to purchase separate CO2 controller with expensive CO2 sensor?

I have sent screen recordings to Evgeni, you can see that it doesn't connect at all, only when there is no password. Any other cases - no connection, static, dynamic, any one. If you want - I will give remote access to my computer and I can bet 100 USD you will fail as well.

about fans - well - that is dead end guys, you will get your motors burnt down very quickly if you don't compensate power drop, this is NOT how fan speed controller works for AC motors.

I guess you are partnering with ajustawing and not even interested in setting up SGC for general public.

I'd like to get a full refund if CO2 function was falsely claimed as advertised. I will not buy a separate 300 bucks CO2 controller since I already have SGC.

Ivanovich on 2/7/22, 10:30 AM

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