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On 7/27/21, 11:33 AM

I have a similar problem with the temperature calibration sensor in version 1.1.8. 

Humidity works fine but temperature does not: using the trim bar only works until -0,2C and nothing further, it seems to get stuck. Then it gives the following error: error! the server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete the request. This was on an SGC on which the calibration worked fine before. 

In earlier software versions calibration of temperature values sometimes worked well and sometimes it did not work well: When shifting/trimming the bar of one sensor it resulted in an other sensor value to be adjusted.  

Would it be an idea to leave out the trimming bars and replace them with fields were you can just type the calibration value? 

Would it be possible to also provide earlier versions of software somewhere? In case of an error after an update, we could just fix it with installing an older software version. Furthermore it seems quite risky to me that a (automated) software update could result in a big bug that we cannot undo ourselves.

Therefore I think it is really necessary to be able to install older software versions. 

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Hi. Tomorrow You can install 1.1.9 BETA, where Temperature trim bar will be fix it. On 1.1.7 LTS we will include that option to return it back to oldest version. But later You need to disable auto update.

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Evgeni Velikov on 7/28/21, 4:18 AM

On 6/25/21, 8:22 PM


I have a answer from the manufacturer of 2.77 mS/cm cal ec solution. there is no table for conductivity related to temp. I guess in that case that the variation is negligeable.

i will make a video next week for the sliders

Alain Gressly
On 6/16/21, 6:51 AM

You can also use a speed-compare function and choose the signal output:

This works also with more as 2 input signals from functions

Evgeni Velikov
On 6/16/21, 5:10 AM

Hi @viking

"- it is possible to connect multiple fans source to one fan. e.g. speed controller connected to exhaust AND fan controller connected to the same exhaust. what is the behaviour in a such case ?" -- Yes is possible. It will take the higher one. But remember that exhaust fan will always be the bigger than intake fan.

"- ec calibration with 2.77mS/cm std solution is missing when calibrate EC meter" Right now we support only two different solutions 1.413 and 12.880. But I think it will be not big problem to add also 2.77. Could You send us a image about table of temperature and us/cm Here is example IMAGE

"- analog-pwm sensor is available only in 1 room" -- Analog PWM Sensor one of the part is act like socket. And the socket is possible to connect only on one room. Most of the time with only one connection. Specially for that PWM sensor is with one or more, but again are restricted to only one room, because that sensor (major part) are visible (behave) like socket (fan). Another part where is measure RPM is available on every room.

"- speed bar for fans in socket list doesn t save the parameters. if i put the exhaust at 50%, when i come back it is back set to auto. same for analog-pwm socket " -- I cannot catch that error in the room. Could You make the same and make some short video or gif and send to us. I tested the slider on our testing device and is always change it.

"- I have several sensors. I calibrated/trimmed all of them. the temp from ec sensor could be trimmed correctly in the sensor list but it has no effect on the value in the dashboard (stay at 23.7 instead display 22.5)" -- We will check that today, I already see the problem with temperature calibration/trimmed, not only for EC sensor.

"- toolbox windows position in room are not saved and after reopening all toolbox are stacked" -- We know for that problem, and we will try to fix it in near future.

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