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lupus leps
On 12/14/21, 2:55 PM

Hi Roberto i have same issue, co2 controller is not perfect... until the programers resolve the issue I I create a basic Room where I can control co2, exhaust and secondary fan for good co2 circulation,is few days I try and work well , I will screenshoot the room so you can recreate if you want.              https://postimg.cc/v4FWZc5x

I can controllate:


-min amount co2 -co2 max time elapse - co2 min temperature to start - all this function by a timer day and night (using less hours not same as light)

-exhaust by timer - exhaust by dehumidifier - exhaust by cooler -exhaust control speed  using other timer same as light

-fans by timer or by co2 on fans on

-when exhaust need to work co2 go off  , I put some on put delay to make everything a little bit more smooth

i have no issue until now , I use a AC exhaust so I use to set up 60 80 or 100% .

I hope this can help you.

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I have been trying to decipher the set up,,, but that's beyond my neurons capacity ahahahahah

I was more thinking. about the CO2 controller function available...


Thanks :)

Roberto de Zayas on 12/14/21, 5:05 PM

Hi Roberto I try to to set up co2 function but not work well... the programers will resolve in the next 3 months... for now the screen shoot I send you , I know is big mess...

but if you want to use co2 in your room the room I create work very similar a co2 function from SGC, the parameter you see is for my veg room but you can change you temp , co2 level, co2 time elapse, co2 temp elapse..ecc... is up to you , just copy all what I program and put in auto mode and you will see everything work properly.

lupus leps on 12/14/21, 5:27 PM

The CO2 function isn't anyhow tested it is part of the beta version like a theoretic artwork, we had a crazy year behind, to much work not enough space the new building isn't ready (welcome to Bulgaria problem). I promise you starting from February as soon we can move in the new building we will set-up growtends and start testing and mainly find out the correct values for the CO2 function. The CO2 in the beta version is still under development. Thank you for understanding

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Alain Gressly on 12/15/21, 7:17 AM

On 12/14/21, 1:44 PM

Let me help you out. I just purchase full set with CO2 sensor, having some issues with overshooting readings but was told to properly ventilate it and not let it heat up would remove this issue.

Same with temp readings - get a calibrated thermometer and do double checking and manually adjust sensors for proper temp readings.

Your question - there is an option to set a rule - if certain parameter is above or below X then we can activate a relay(use AUTO) for turning it on or off. You connect your CO2 valve to one of controllable sockets and setting rule like if CO2 ppm is <1000 turn on the socket and open the valve - then you need to manually place tubing above the canopies(co2 that is on the ground is not used) and keep night venting settings and turn off exhaust fan if using non vented room. For sealed room - no difference since you are using same air anyways.

Hope this helps, let me know about readings you are getting from normal room conditions without humans or flowers present.

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Hi Ivanovich,

My question is more related to use the CO2 Controller function available in the SGC.

Not sure how to configure properly, dispersal time, Time Elapsed, Room and what will affect,... that why I was asking for a Screen shot.

Thanks :)

Roberto de Zayas on 12/14/21, 5:07 PM

Alain Gressly
On 12/9/21, 7:30 AM


Due constriction work we are in our home office and the demo SGC is temporarily off-line. Besides The CO2 function have never been tested under real conditions. We still don't have the necessary space as capacity we where to busy this year. I apologize for this.

Open a new room: open the CO2 controller function left side and a fan controller place it to the right side. Connect the two blue lines IN/Out-take fan together. Connect the CO2 function fan with your exit fans (socket) Connect the CO2 sensor and the day/night signal.

Next week I'll post you a screenshot.

As I said it has never been tested and I think it isn't working as it should. I hope to get space as equipment for testing in the next 3months time.


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Hi Alain, thakns for quick reply and hope everyone is ok. Gi e my regards and happy Christmas to your team.

This has been crazy year for me as welll, but I am starting a new run, a d will be more than happy to be the guinea pig with the co2

Looking forward to the screenshot as the "co2 controller" interface has lots of options like dispersal time, time elapse, etc... that i am not really sure what they do or how shouldbe set up.

Roberto de Zayas on 12/9/21, 11:08 AM

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