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On 1/30/22, 5:33 PM

could you explain how to use UPS to power SGC if I am using light switches to plug in my 4*600W? what do I do exactly to by-pass light loads?

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Can be very good if we can plug UPS with micro usb only in the SGC processor and if no load SGC stay on but all relays go off and this should be the best option ...

right now if that is not possible the only way I found is ...First plug SGC and Router in a UPS after that plug on SGC a normal plug and go to contactor this plug go to command open or close contact for contactor, after on the other parts of your contactor you plug in one side power source and other side the light so in that way when SGC go on for this plug the contactor close contact and let power go through.

In my setup am gonna make a power box with 8 contactor inside and plug it on each of my 8 plugs , in youtube there is many video about contactor or relè

Crazy Crazy solution but the best can be a solar inverter 48v(around 400/500 euro) with a good pure sine wave with 16 in series battery Life poe 4 3,2v 280ah good price on alibaba (around 1500$), with this set up you can have the best quality and stable power and if power go out you have at least 13 000 watt of power so you have at least 5 hours and 40 min(for 2400w load) , you can also put more 16 series battery as you want in parallel to have more stored power (Life Poe 4 during 4000/6000 cycles charge) ... when you have the inverter you can also plug few solar panel or diesel generator to charge batteries...

I hope you resolve !

lupus leps on 1/30/22, 6:42 PM

I mean something like that. https://www.amazon.in/VERTIV-Liebert-ITON-CX-1000VA/dp/B08MRDRZ3F. And connect SGC to UPS and UPS to the Power.

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Evgeni Velikov on 2/1/22, 5:16 AM

Evgeni Velikov
On 1/21/22, 6:07 AM


1) What is the version of the controller. 
2) Did You have battery inside SGC?

If You have batter: The SGC will work on battery only few seconds maximum 1 minute before is start to shutdown. If the power is coming back then the controller will behave like restarting. But that operation will take around 10min. 

About the power fail my recommendation is:
- simple and cheap solution is battery inside SGC (it will work few seconds) before shutdown or restarting
- more expensive are some UPS connect to SGC (it will work few minutes to maybe hour before shutdown)

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Hi my version is 1.2.0 , this days I try to force power fail and SGC restart in less then 5 min ...I don't know how this time during the day after power fail take alone... anyway I planned to put a ups is a good option and try to create a separate 8 contactor box and plug to each socket of sgc so Ups just need to power SGC and router ... other ways if I have all plug in sgc the ups go off after few min or sec.. for big load

lupus leps on 1/26/22, 10:45 PM

Maybe you are right. I don't keep in mind the load on relays

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Evgeni Velikov on 2/1/22, 5:17 AM

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