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On 6/21/21, 1:04 PM

Hi, there is a SD Card in the Beagle board. The On Button off the SGC is always blinking, and the "SmartGrowController" Wlan dont show up. When i connect the LAN Cable, a host "beaglebone" shows up on the network, i will attach a screenshot.. Kind Regrads

The Page that i see, i simular to this one: https://beagleboard.org/Support/bone101

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Hi, no should not always blink latest after 2-3 minutes it should be continuously shining.

I have to check your version please send me your Serial number on the back side of the product:

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Alain Gressly on 6/21/21, 1:16 PM


Medi on 6/21/21, 1:18 PM

Anton Sheev
On 6/21/21, 9:43 AM

Hi there,

We need some more information about the problem.

1) Is there an SD card in the beagle bone?

2)Is your SGC sometimes restarting by itself? Have you experienced such issues?

3)Can you send us a screenshot of the page that opens and the URL of the page?

To use a LAN cable,open the SGC and attach one to the beagle bone RJ45 lan port.After that find your controller IP like in the tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXQ8KiwY4G8.

Best regards!

Alain Gressly
On 6/21/21, 7:16 AM

After you have connected to your hot spot https://youtu.be/dYKV7leK7b4 go to settings > controller > WIFI settings. Enter there your W-LAN modem SSID network name and password. Wait for 5min. until you get connected. In case the connection fail, the SGC will return as a hot spot again.
Once connected to your W-LAN router search the SGC (windows) by the host name smartgrow/ or scan your LAN network and find his IP address. of the SGC. type directly the IP address in your browser (MAC user).

We sorry we not providing a manual, but we continuously add new video tutorials in English. https://smartgrowcontroller.com/videos

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Thanks for your answer! What i mean is over LAN Cable. What is about the internal LAN Port on the beagleboard? I would never use network devices over wlan when there is a possibility to use a Lan Cable ( Security, performance..).

Medi on 6/21/21, 8:50 AM

W-LAN or LAN cable is the same thing.

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Alain Gressly on 6/21/21, 1:13 PM

what can i do to get my system working? Is the wrong system installed? I youst put it out of the box and turned it on..

Medi on 6/22/21, 10:28 AM

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