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On 10/27/21, 7:24 AM

Thanks a lot Alain,

i should receive my unit within the next two days. You answered all my question except for the first one

i know about the minimum fan speed in the fan controller module. But it only gives a minimum for the exhaust fan If I see this correctly. Shouldn’t we have a minimum speed for the intake fan as well? 

Or am I using the module wrong by having both fans connected to one fan module? Should I use a separate fan module for each fan? But which module would then control the negative pressure? Sorry i just don’t understand that one :) 

Yes, please try to sort out the graphic bugs and the problem with rearranged modules after saving and reopening a room. The latter being especially important.

….and just one idea for another sensor: a smoke detector that can power down all fans immediately. 

Alain Gressly
On 10/26/21, 12:59 PM

You can set the min. speed in the Function of the fan controller see https://smartgrowcontroller.com/features
Yes It gradually increase/decrease by time the lights simulating a sunset/rise via pwm control or 0-10V

I demoed the software on my iPad and windows. On both systems the labeling in the software is all over the place...
When you use the same Monitor resolution this will not happen. (This is a tricky issue, we have in mind to reprogramming it on a later moment)

6Sockets is 1exit for all of them. Use the https://smartgrowcontroller.com/shop/product/sg31-sgc-satellite-12-relay-exit-4954
This can handle single relays.

The system is reduced to 30 Sensors or satellite on the BUS. As more you connect as slower will be the respond time. With 30 Sensors there is 5-10sec. to waiting time to read/write and display the values.

Electronic is better out as in the grow-room if possible. Good Idea but there is no way to turn off the Power and Alarm LED yet. This may could be realized by software. (I'll turn a task for this)

Power consumption is depending what is connected and active. 5-20W

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