Product warranty activation

Private user warranty activation

Warranty activation with serial number

Here you can extend your warranty for 1 more year if the warranty was already activated from the place of sales. If the shop didn't activate your product warranty when you bought it we can offer you 2 years GSE warranty starting from our date of sales. (This date will be in the behind your purchasing date depending how long the shop have stored the product.) In case you don't agree please return it to the place of sales.

Now you have a defective item and no warranty activation and no valid warranty card or a cash receipt with printed serial number? Please fill in your serial number of the product and your e-mail address. We will send you a e-mail which you have to confirm.

Verify your serial number

To check your warranty please fill in here the 10 digit product serial number on the back side of the product (silver label)

Serial number requirements

• Old serial numbers with 4 or 5 digits will not work! If your product has an outdated serial number, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

• A cash receipt without serial number is not a valid proof of purchase.