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On 11/1/21, 11:25 AM

Thanks Alain,

I understand that. But can you still let me know what signal is actuality given out on the port? A 0-10v converter board with read write processor and psu costs 4€ on ebay. It is obviously bulkier than your slim solution and involves some diy, but I would not mind in that case. I just can not spend an additional 700€ for breakout cables….. it’s too much. The whole unit explodes in price with pwm. Or maybe you could think about offering a Bus distributor with pwm built in? 

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I'm asking to read carefully the description of the product. https://smartgrowcontroller.com/shop/product/sg18-sgc-0-10v-or-pwm-output-4542

Signal output provides 0-10V or PWM signal (Pulse-width modulation) You can set this with a Jumper.

If you need many the price explode, I agree. Until now I was counting with 2pcs for intake and exhaust fan + eventually one more for the Light controller. Under this condition it will be cheaper as a single controller.

Similar as we have made the https://smartgrowcontroller.com/shop/product/sg31-sgc-satellite-12-relay-exit-4954 I plan to make something with I/0 and 0-10V/PWM this will reduce the cost drastic if you need many in and output signal.

I agree the price seams high, I'm obligated to work with distributors and shops to make quantity's, I can not sell directly on e-bay or I will loose our dealers/partners. If they can not make money on it they remove it from the product range.

G-Systems Engineering Ltd., Alain Gressly on 11/1/21, 12:41 PM

Alain Gressly
On 11/1/21, 9:18 AM

Next to the RJ45 (Primaklima) and Stereo-Jack 3.5 (Can-Fan) you have a terminal block you can screw your cable to the terminals.

The pricing is depending on the material costs. The 0-10 PWM controller has much more components. The safety for external cables, have read and write processors and a own power supply on board. All this normal sensors don't have.

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